Wooden Fancy Dish with cup shell, 12″

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These dishes are made in extremely inventive forms, with or without legs, and in different shapes and form.
Traditional dishes served ritual, religious and domestic purposes.

• 12″ in size
• Intricately ornamented with the same tattoo designs that are featured on clubs and spears
• Fijian Crafted and Made

Care & Handling
Dishes can be preserved for many years, provided that they are given some basic care and attention.
Changes in humidity and temperature levels will cause it to expand or contract.

These tips aim to minimize any preventable damage.
• Avoid direct sunlight or bright lights which can fade finishes.
• Avoid placing near any form of heat source.
• Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or dust with a clean, natural bristle brush.
• Furniture wax may be used to retain the lustre or shininess of the wood.

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