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Tapa Fiji Islands Map

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> A very detailed map of the Islands of Fiji, which has been hand printed on a piece of Masi. This piece of art is 13 inches in lenth and 10 inches in width.
> A beautiful piece which can be on the wall of your home wall as a memory of our Fiji paradise.

Jack’s The Original products are individually hand-crafted by local artisans using the best available materials. Each piece is unique and may have slight variations in size, shape, colour and finish.

Masi is a delicate material that can be preserved for many years, provided that it is given some care and attention.
• As it is made of organic fibres, it can be damaged from insects, mould, acidic pollutants, extreme heat, light and dust.
• Avoid placing in direct sunlight or bright lights, which can fade colours and weaken the fibres.
• If cleaning is required, use a dry soft bristle brush to gently clean the area. Dusting can be accomplished by a vacuum cleaner. Place a soft screen on the surface to prevent any snagging or abrasion from the vacuum tip, and using a brush attachment, carefully vacuum the surface.
• Due to changes in temperature and humidity levels, breakdown and weakening of fibres may occur.

Product Code: 220289 Category:

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