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Tapa Cloth 48X24 Inch

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> A beautiful piece of art from the Island of Vatulele. Masi or tapa cloth is made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera). Its bark is stripped then the outer bark is separated from the inner white bark named tutu.
The strips are soaked and pounded until they become wider and more pliable. A number of strips are then overlapped and the joints are beaten with a mallet until they are firmly joined together to form the desired size and texture. After this, the masi is sun-dried until it resembles a fine white cloth.
The cloth is then stained with stencil designs that are created using natural dyes obtained from mangrove sap, terracotta clay or specially prepared soot.
Different indigenous Fijian (Itaukei) communities have their own distinctive motifs with symbolic meaning, produced for ceremonial wear, for people of chiefly rank and for general wear.
>This piece of Masi is 48 inches in length and 24 inches in width.
> A beautiful Fijian art which can be part of your home decor or a gift for someone special.

Jack’s The Original products are individually hand-crafted by local artisans using the best available materials. Each piece is unique and may have slight variations in size, shape, colour and finish.

Masi is a delicate material that can be preserved for many years, provided that it is given some care and attention.
• As it is made of organic fibres, it can be damaged from insects, mould, acidic pollutants, extreme heat, light and dust.
• Avoid placing in direct sunlight or bright lights, which can fade colours and weaken the fibres.
• If cleaning is required, use a dry soft bristle brush to gently clean the area. Dusting can be accomplished by a vacuum cleaner. Place a soft screen on the surface to prevent any snagging or abrasion from the vacuum tip, and using a brush attachment, carefully vacuum the surface.
• Due to changes in temperature and humidity levels, breakdown and weakening of fibres may occur.

Product Code: 005946 Category:

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