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Tapa 2 Turtle Heart Frame

Product Code: 100797 Category:

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> Get in love with our love frame, which consists of two turles in a heart. Turtles are believed to be our lucky charm .
> This frame is of size 14.5 inches by 11 inches and are designed on Tapa cloth.
> A beautiful frame of love for your home décor or gift to someone really special.

Jack’s The Original products are individually hand-crafted by local artisans using the best available materials. Each piece is unique and may have slight variations in size, shape, colour and finish.

• Avoid direct sunlight or bright lights, which can fade finishes and colours.
• Avoid placing near a fireplace or other heat source.
• Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth or dust with a clean, natural bristle brush.

Product Code: 100797 Category:

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