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Royal Orchid Body Lotion 5.07 fl oz (150ML)

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A body lotion made from 100% Natural Coconut Oil, infused with botanical Orchid and Noni extracts, Dilo oil, Honey and a hint of Lavender oil. The formula contains 10% more Dilo Oil, which promotes growth of healthy skin. This non-greasy lotion will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin’s cells creating a wonderful softness and natural skin care.

Key Ingredients: Botanical Orchid Extracts, Noni Extract, Dilo Oil, Lavender

Complementary Products: Handcrafted Coconut Spa Soap, Body Oil

Naturally Fiji’s Wild & Royal Orchid range is a reflection of Island bliss and each product has been created to capture Fiji’s very essence for your indulgence.The range contains extracts of Black & White Orchids, Noni, and Dilo Oil as key active ingredients with extraordinary skincare benefits. The range is
• Natural and uses sustainably harvested ingredients from the wild
• Made in Fiji in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility

Product Code: 342669 Category: Tag:

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