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Fish Hook 30 Inch

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> A beautiful piece of wood hand carving which is truly one of a kind from the Islands of Fiji. Fishing was one of the source of food in olden days. The hooks were hand carved from bone, wood, turtle shells and any other sharp objects naturally available. Fishing lines were made out of magimagi rope, which is made out of coconut hask.
> This piece is symbolic of our fish hook of our myth and is hand carved with Vesi Wood, which is scientifically named as Intsia bijuga and of size 30 inches and is been inlaid with Mother of Pearl.
> A beautiful piece which can be part of your home decor or a gift for someone.

Jack’s The Original products are individually hand-crafted by local artisans using the best available materials. Each piece is unique and may have slight variations in size, shape, colour and finish.

Clubs can be preserved for many years, provided that they are given some basic care and attention.

• Avoid direct sunlight or bright lights, which can fade finishes and colours.
• Avoid placing near a fireplace or other heat source.
• Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth or dust with a clean, natural bristle brush.
• May be polished with wood wax or neutral polish monthly.

Product Code: 320999 Category:

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