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Charcoal Face Buff 125ml

Product Code: 389176 Category: Tag:

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Activated charcoal in a delicious mousse texture with a very fine natural scrub leaves your face refreshed, buff and handsome. A pore-penetrating facial treatment to deeply cleanse, lightly exfoliate dead cells and brighten the skin tone.
Avoid manual scrub for acute acne condition.

Key Ingredients:

Activated charoal & Kaolin – helps clear the clogged pores and absorb the excess oil on the skin.
Witch hazel extract – cleanses and tightens the skin pores
Bamboo stem extract – lighty exfoliates the dead skin cells
Rosehip oil – soothes the skin

No nasties. Not tested on animals, only the handsomest of men!

Product Code: 389176 Category: Tag:

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