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Jack’s Farms

The continuous search for Jack’s Restaurants Limited to use fresh ingredients for the innovative menu led to the formation of Jack’s Farms Limited in 2001, another way that the Jack’s Group of Companies has been diversifying their business for a brighter and greener future. Restaurant chef ’s work closely with team members at the farms to ensure they are supplied high quality fruits and vegetables. Today, Jack’s Farms Limited operates two farms at Malolo and Legalega where they also offer Control Environmental Farming, Beekeeping, Fruit crop orchard, Horticultural Farming and commercial landscaping activities.

Legalega Farm: 11.2 Hectares

  • Initially specialized in mango farming with the production of hybrid mangoes; the farm now has diversified into Aquaponics Farming. Aquaponics is a combination of both Aquaculture and Hydroponics in single sustainable system producing variety of organic crops. Growing fish inside the large tanks, and use the rich mineralized waste water of the fish to fertigate our crops. Entire system operate as a soil less culture and re-circulate the water inside system. Beauty of Aquaponics is our usage of water is 10% from the conventional agriculture farming.
  • Our products are supplied to local supermarkets, suppliers who market the products to the community.
  • Beekeeping is one of key area emerging area the products are available local supermarkets, Jacks retail chain and same time supplying to Jacks restaurants chain.

Malolo Farm: 16 Acres 3 Patch

  • Jacks farms Malolo site features a large nursery where plants are grown and maintained for interior and exterior decoration at restaurants, retail shops or any hosted events.
  • This site maintaining fruit orchard growing produce such Meyer Lemmon, Seedless lime, Hybrid guava, Passion fruits, Avocado ect..