Hoist the Flag

Hoist the Flag

In 1970, our Kuila (Fiji flag) was raised for the first time. There were a vast number of people present, including young children and the elderly, some of whom were our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, coming from near and far, from different cultures to witness this historic moment. As that flag rose up our people raised their heads, joined their hands, and lifted their hearts with joy, together with that flag rose a nation, a nation we call home.


Since that day our noble banner blue still flies high, our nation celebrates as one big family, and when it comes to celebrations we Fijians sure do know how to celebrate. With lots of Kana, Kava, strumming of ukulele and dancing with graceful hand actions we call “meke” that tell stories of our forefathers.

With 2020 taking a dark turn, Fiji was not left out of the wrath of the pandemic. This did not dampen the spirits of our people nor did it stop us from rebuilding ourselves to levels much greater than ever before. As we join hands in unity, we find strength to stand up together again.  As a proud Fiji owned local business, we are humbled to have once again sewn and produced our Fiji Day 2022 products right here at home.

Our Fijian sewn products have not only helped create opportunities for our community but also supported the economy of our country. This year we’ve put together a great variety of traditional and modern designs, we have Fiji Day merch for everyone and every family. Our theme  HOIST THE FLAG strongly symbolizes us Fijians to rise up no matter what storm comes our way. When we raise our flag we are also lifting up the Fijian spirit within us and a nation as a whole with pride, passion and courage, so let the world know you are a proud Fijian by wearing our Fijian sewn designs. Hold your head up high and… 

“Hoist the Flag”